I’m Proving My Self: Improving Myself.

I’ve been a self improvement junkie ever since the self improvement movement has begun. So much I know about self improvement, that the only reason I did not become a a self improvement guru, is that along the way I’ve realized the futility of trying to improve one’s SELF: my SELF, like yours, and everyone else’s of this Universe is perfect just the way it is, and needs no improvement at all.


Life is not perfect, is not imperfect, it is not improvable and it can not be ruined. Life is. Life does not “care” if we think its worth living, if we think our life needs improving, changing, saving, or be spent the right way. Life goes on without any obvious regard to our feelings, thoughts, or behaviour towards it.  Why, LIFE goes on without any regards to our birth, life experience, or death. Life has been here first, it owes us nothing and wants nothing from us. Life just goes on living and creating life, no matter what we think about IT.

My SELF, your SELF, our SELF is perfect in a sense that it is all “knowing” and all “accepting” without the need to know it all, or accepting anything. Our SELF, yours, mine and everyone else’s in the Universe, like life, just “is.  The SELF does not judge anyone anything or anybody. The SELF “knows” it is the same, not better, not worse than any other self, because, the SELF knows, “it” IS THE SAME SELF, that there is only ONE SELF with many variations of selves that we created for ourselves, to feel that we exist as separate individuals. THE SELF therefore does not need improving. It does not need anything at all. It is timeless, ageless and limitless.  When I created “my self”, the person I think, I know, I experience I AM,  when you and everyone else of this Universe separated into our seemingly unconnected and separated “selves”, and created our seemingly separated “lives”, we created a lie and we believe the lies the lie that had been created of a lie tells us: that we constantly need to improve our self, our life, our experience, and that once we reach “perfection”, we will live happily ever after….

Some “self improvement” guides lead us toward the truth, others lead us further into the lie.  The concept of “self improvement expert” is an oxymoron in itself: think about it, trying to improve YOUR self by following someone else’s advice is not SELF help at all.

Therefore, I am not trying to improve myself at all.  By improving my self, by learning everything I know about my self, by discovering the lies, finding and accepting the truht about my self, I am attempting the impossible:  to live life fully consciously of MY SELF.

So, I learn. I read, and I examine everything that there is to know about my self, and the experience of others. I strive to be fully conscious of everything my self experiences, the good, and the bad, the up and the down, the right and the wrong, I question and I examine everything that I know about my self, how I view, experience and love my self.


I’m proving my SELF.



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